Air Duct Cleaning Scam: Know How To Avoid Them

Air Duct Cleaning Scam

If you have a large house, this sounds like a great deal. You probably don’t realize the true value of air-duct cleaning, just like most homeowners. You were likely swindled by a flyer promising low prices for residential air duct cleaning.

Here are some ways to tell.

What the difference is between scams and real deals

An upfront flat rate is the first sign you are being scammed by an air duct cleaning company. Reputable commercial or residential duct cleaning companies like air duct cleaning Bedford tx will give you an estimate based upon the size of your house. A professional shouldn’t charge the same price for a small home as for a large house.

In a weak economy, extremely low rates can be tempting. You don’t want this to happen. Many property owners fall for the scam of air duct cleaning and end up with substandard workmanship or incomplete work. Sometimes, additional fees are added to the bill that they did not agree to.

Scammers may inspect your air ducts and claim to have found a host of issues. It is important to get immediate attention. Mold growth is a common problem that’s often brought up during inspections. Mold growth is a serious problem. We all know this, so we don’t hesitate to address it immediately. They may claim that they will remove your entire system and then replace it, raising the cost of labor and parts.

Scammers might also claim that your air ducts may be larger or dirtier than you expected. To make themselves appear legitimate, they may use imaging equipment to document the inspection and then show it to customers. You may even see the before and after videos.

How to Protect Yourself From Air Duct Cleaning Scams

It is important to be educated to protect yourself against these types of scams. You should do your research to verify that the person you are dealing with is a professional. Google can help you find out more about the business. Check to see if there are reviews from customers who have used the business in the past. Angie’s List can be a great resource to identify scammers and reputable businesses.

To see if the business has been criticized, you can also check the Better Business Bureau and Home Advisor. Check to see if the company is a member or not of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. You should get a written price guarantee. Make sure you read all terms and conditions.

These are signs that scammers using air ducts are looking for:

  1. They advertise one price and then arrive at a much higher rate. This is called the bait and switch. This tactic is used to get in the door.
  2. One person is required to perform the task. Air duct cleaning crews typically consist of two to three people. This is because it is more likely that the individual will do a poor job and only clean a small portion of your vents.
  3. It takes a very short time. Watch out for technicians who claim that your entire air duct system can only be cleaned in an hour. Most companies that are reputable will tell you it takes between three to five hours.
  4. They won’t provide a written quotation. They will only give you a quote over the phone or in person without any written documentation. It is easy to change your mind later, so be sure you have all the details in writing. It should also include details about the services that will be provided for that price.
  5. For simple services, charging outrageous prices. Scammers may try to scam you by charging hundreds of money to clean your air ducts.

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