All You Need To Know About White Glove Delivery Services

White Glove Delivery Services

White glove delivery is a popular topic in the moving industry. However, many people don’t know what it means. White Glove Delivery means going the extra mile to make sure you have a great moving experience. It is about treating your family members and belongings like our own.

Do you imagine someone wiping their hands across space with white gloves? You might also see someone carefully handling old books while wearing white gloves. The white glove service is known for its meticulous and perfectionist approach to handling your belongings. It’s treating customers’ belongings with extra care and respect.

A white glove service can help you with any type of delivery, whether it’s a large or heavy package that is difficult to move or delicate items that need extra care & sensitive delivery. Delivery Limited understands that whatever the items are that you are moving, it is important & emotionally attached to you and must be handled with respect and utmost care.

Our drivers have been trained in the field and are able to demonstrate a “white glove” attitude. They will work efficiently and dedicate themselves to serving each customer equally. Delivery Limited’s staff is highly experienced and has a wealth of knowledge about how to handle any situation. You don’t need to worry about moving or storage. Your items will be taken care of throughout the journey.

Here’s what you can expect:

Delivery Limited offers a white glove delivery service for furniture shops, antique shops, and retailers. Our team will be at your business to pick up the items that you have ordered. We’ll then carefully transport, unpack and place your customers’ belongings in your home or office. Our employees and trucks can also be customized with your logo and colors to keep your brand consistent. Here are some of the luxuries that white glove delivery can offer:

Removing old items

Do you have the old inventory you don’t want to move out of? Are you unable to clear the space in time or money? Don’t worry! We will take away any items that are not needed, heavy, or simply out of place.

Delivery of Blanket Wraps

We offer blanket wrap delivery if your product is fragile, antique, or susceptible to scratching. No matter the fragility or size of your items, our professional expert team will ensure that they are properly measured. Our white glove delivery service will wrap fragile and valuable items in blankets to protect them.

Delivery Up or Down Stairs

We take extra care to ensure you aren’t stressed at any point during the move. Yes, we do have additional practice moving heavy objects up and downstairs.

Installation and Setup of Devices

We will not only drop off the items, but we can also place them wherever the customer asks. We can also set up the product for you. This is a great service for refrigerator or television installations.

Removal of Packaging Boxes/Supplies

We will not leave anything for you to dispose of. Instead, our team will take care of any excess packaging or supplies and dispose of them properly so that you don’t have to spend your time, energy, or money on removing large items.

If products are not easily delivered to the client’s doorstep, they should be provided with white glove service. Large appliances, furniture, and expensive electronics should all be transported with white-glove services. This is because they can be easily damaged, or even very expensive if they aren’t handled with the greatest care and attention. Furniture, for example, can easily be damaged or torn by a hook on a doorway or dropped, rendering it unusable. Every obstacle is taken into consideration by our shippers. They promise to deliver exactly what you require and make sure that the items are in perfect order.

What is the price?

Using our white glove service does not mean that you will have to pay more. Delivery Limited offers the highest quality service. This allows you to rest easy knowing your goods will arrive safely and securely at your destination. Our luxury moving services make your move easy and reliable.

We understand that every order is unique, and therefore there is no fixed price for white glove shipping. Pricing is determined by:

  • The location of the move. Pricing depends on the origin and destination of the goods. The distance between our facility, and the destination, will also play a role. Deliveries to locations closer together will be less expensive than those made to locations far away.
  • The area of the business or home. Higher prices are possible if the business location is difficult to navigate and has many items that need to go. The cost will also be affected by the location of the product’s final destination. The price of movers who have to climb stairs or navigate difficult doors will go up, for example.
  • The actual product. Rates are also determined by how heavy the product is, its weight, and how it is shaped. The cost of a product that requires more time or labor will be higher.

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