Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Available in the Market

Types of Commercial Refrigeration

There are several different reasons anyone could be on the market for commercial-grade refrigeration units. When opening a new restaurant, oversized freezers and refrigeration units will be required to keep considerable quantities of liquor and food at the right storage temperature. If someone wishes to turn their fresh garage into a home bar, they might want some professional-grade beverage and wine coolers. A growing catering business buying space for a brand new kitchen may require some luxury refrigeration to store their different meats and other ingredients. Whatever the reason, in today’s online market it’s a snap to navigate the massive array of commercial refrigeration units and find the one which matches your precise needs or you can get the best restaurant supply in Houston, TX from Main Auction Services, Inc.

Not only are there Lots of different types of commercial refrigeration, the freezers and fridges out there come in a wide selection of sizes. Refrigeration units always involve some type of venting for their compressor. Depending upon the unit, this venting could be located on the bottom or side of the unit. It can even be located on top of several units. Wherever you’d like a commercial unit installed, you’re guaranteed to find one which accommodates your space and ventilation requirements.

Browse through the listing below to get an introduction to the cool, cool world of commercial refrigeration.

  1. Keeping the Back Bar Stocked

Commercial bar refrigeration units may be used in many different situations. Most will have a pretty large capacity to store the various beverages, mixers, and provides standard bar needs. This makes them ideal in commercial typesetting, and also a possible dream in a residential one. A good deal of back bar refrigerators will be ventilated with glass doors, making them ideal for behind-the-bar positioning. A device with glass doors enables the client to see available wines and beers, making it easier for bartenders and bar backs to navigate their inventory.

Wine bottle coolers are also popular commercial bar refrigerators. All these are usually top-loading beer coolers letting you store and easily access large quantities of bottles. Bar refrigeration doesn’t stop at consumables though. Additionally, there are quite a few plates and glass chillers on the market to make sure that your dinner and glassware remain at ideal serving temperature.

  1. Keep Cool & Merchandise

To store a large number of bottles or cans in a non-bar commercial setting, a refrigerated merchandiser may be a great option. Commercial merchandisers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, all with individual features and capacities. A whole lot of merchandisers arrive with ventilation in front, making them suitable for displaying beverages. Glass doors make it easy for clients to view what’s available, and for employees to easily manage their inventory.

The greatest thing about merchandisers is their capacity to present appropriate refrigeration while allowing for a great display. These commercial units excel in retail settings where goods might be perishable or have upcoming expiration dates. The large windows on the doors assist grab customer attention, making it all the more likely they’ll make a purchase.

  1. Refrigeration + Prep Table = Ultimate Station

A typical kitchen requires prep tables and stations for a variety of dishes being made and served. A commercial prep table that is also refrigerated is about as efficient as you can get. There are smaller versions on the market, which are meant more for salads and sandwiches and such. But there also exist tables with a far bigger area for preparing larger meals that require more room and ingredients, such as pizza. Besides the dining table space, these commercial units will also feature large refrigeration regions, usually including cable shelves.

These refrigeration units might not necessarily have front ventilation, but a number of them come equipped with casters for simple maneuverability and space management. A great thing about these prep tables is their own ability to still function as a commercial plumbing unit, often having a huge temperature range.

  1. Undercounter Refrigerators: The Mini Reach-in

These units work just like your traditional, commercial reach-in fridge, but are a bit smaller. While squat and square, they still provide you with intense, commercial-grade refrigeration power. Some under counter units even function as a freezer and easily liven bigger fridges or merchandisers. A commercial kitchen would just gain from a smaller under-counter refrigerator.

Because of the size of a great deal of under-counter refrigerators and freezers, the top of them can also double as a food prep table. All these worktops under-counter versions are like a combination of a refrigerated prep table plus a classic, commercial reach-in fridge. Not only does one chill or freeze ingredients, but additionally you wind up having easy access to a prep table, albeit of a smaller size compared to the sandwich or pizza table.

  1. Reach-in: The Traditional Commercial Unit

Owning a home today without a fridge in the kitchen sounds unheard of…probably because, for the most part, it is. In case you have a restaurant with a high-functioning, busy, commercial kitchen it’ll be unheard of for one to not groom it with a sizable, reach-in fridge. Great for the back of the home, or just on the opposite side of this bar right out of the client’s sight, these units can put away a lot of various food and beverage items in a segmented and shelved inside. These work like typical residential fridges, but possess more power and a much bigger capacity.

These reach-in commercial models can come with a lot of alternatives as well. You can find units that come with casters so they are readily moved around a kitchen or many others who have glass doors such as a merchandiser instead of typical steel. Some even have double or Dutch doors, allowing for much more storage space. Dual-zoned reach-in fridges exist too, allowing half of the device to be kept at a different temperature than the other half.

Commercial Success

Hopefully, this list cleared up a few questions you may have had about commercial refrigeration and served as a jump-off point for deciding what particular units your kitchen or bar is calling. This can be only a short sampling, and there are several other types of units available to you. You can discover commercial refrigeration specifically designed for almost anything you can think of. From milk to flowers, it has never been simpler to efficiently refrigerate any sundry item you need to be kept cool.

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