Everything You Need to Know About the Right Time to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air Ducts Cleaned

Your home’s air ducts can be a tricky part of your home. Air ducts are often taken for granted, and they only make their presence known when it’s not working. We don’t yet know the impact of a dirty duct on health or particle levels in a home. However, the EPA recommends that you monitor your duct system and have it cleaned if there are any signs.

How often should you have your home’s air ducts cleaned professionally?

There are many signs to tell you that it is time to clean your air ducts.

Here are some common things to look for before you call us about air duct cleaning.


Mold spores should be checked immediately. Mold can have serious consequences for your health, and it can be especially harmful to those who suffer from respiratory problems. Mold must be removed from your furnace and any other part of your AC system. You should remember that not all HVAC technicians are trained in handling mold. Professional air duct cleaning services can help you identify the problem and take it to the next level.

Recent Renovations

Even if your air ducts don’t show any signs of problems, it’s a good idea to have them cleaned if there has been a renovation or small-scale construction project. It’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning of your ducts as part of your renovation. This will allow you to remove any dust or debris from construction. It will settle into the air ducts in large quantities.

High Energy Bills

There are many reasons why your energy bills fluctuate. But if these factors have been ruled out, you should check your air ducts. Although small amounts of buildup can not cause a major problem, excessive buildup can lead to abnormally high bills.

How often should we have my air ducts cleaned?

After you have completed an initial cleaning, HVAC professionals recommend two scheduled air duct cleanings per year. The best time of year will depend on your climate and the type of your house, but it is recommended that you have at least two scheduled air duct cleanings per year.

How can we clean the ducts myself?

Do-it-yourself air duct cleaning is not recommended. To remove dirt and dust from your ducts, a professional cleaning service uses commercial-grade vacuums. You also run the risk of finding mold or other dangerous materials.

It’s a good time to get your air conditioner ducts cleaned and ready for use. You can keep an eye on the function of your ducts and call a professional if you feel you need it.

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