How to Use Shutters with Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Way for Your Child’s Room

Use Shutters with Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Way

If you’re to pick a room that needs a décor that combines aesthetics and security features equally, you’d probably pick your baby’s room. A nursery or a child’s room needs extraordinary levels of attention and attention to detail. Decorating a nursery means you will be decorating a room in which your child will spend most of the day. Your toddler or kid will play here, occasionally be fed and at the end of the eventful day, your child will grab a fantastic night’s sleep here.

The things and materials used in your child’s nursery must be eco-friendly and non-toxic in each way. The shutters or window treatments used to adorn the windows in your baby’s nursery must also adhere to the rule. If it comes to window treatments, there is no dearth of options in the industry. But not just any window treatments will do for your young one’s room. Many parents are now going to the eco-friendly way. They’re choosing products that don’t contain harmful toxins and chemicals that may leach out in the hot sun. These products are created from natural substances. While being durable, the substances also have a very low carbon footprint on the planet. Always buy shutters from a reputed and trusted company that offers a variety of shutters for sale at the best price for your nursery.  Keep reading for more information on non-toxic and natural shutters for your nursery.

Things you must keep in mind while choosing window treatments for the nursery.

  • Perfect fit

The window treatments in your child’s room must fit in the window perfectly. Curtains and draperies are not an excellent alternative for the nursery. Firstly, babies are curious creatures by nature. Should they’ve begun to crawl, then you can bet that they will find their way into the cloth. Any hard pull may cause damage to the draperies. This is true for blinds also. Second, the loose and oversize fabric can be a strangulation hazard to the baby or toddler. Shutters can be a fantastic option as they fit well onto the window.

  • Go for the cordless alternative

Cords, again, can be a strangulation hazard to your child who chooses to play with it once unsupervised. Remote-operated window treatments or cordless ones are perfect to be utilized in a nursery.

  • Blackout linings

Using blackout linings or blackout window treatments in your own nursery’s windows is a great idea. Babies need their sleep in intervals throughout the day and toddlers also enjoy a daytime nap. It has been demonstrated scientifically that a good, deep, and relaxing sleep is crucial to get a child’s overall development. Adding liners to your nursery’s window treatments will ensure that the room stays snug and dark when your little one needs to catch up on his sleep.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

As with everything at a nursery, window treatments have to be something that can be cleaned easily. Greasy hands, colors, and marks of a sick day can end up tainting your window dressings. It is best to go for a window treatment that’s easy to clean and maintain. You’ll find a lot of dividers to select from which can be cleaned with just a simple wipe using a clean, damp piece of cloth. A brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner can do the trick for a quick dusting of these shutters. If using cloth shutters, choose cotton ones that can be washed. Other all-natural fibers may work well also.

  • Add a touch of whimsy

A kid’s room has to be whimsical and colorful to stoke creativity and imagination. Go for colorful window treatments and those that have interesting patterns and designs. Cartoons, stars moons and princesses are popular options.

Natural and Toxic-free Shutter Alternatives for Your Nursery

Today, the entire world is waking up to the benefits of green and toxic-free options in virtually everything we use. From wooden toothbrushes to electric cars, people are falling in love with eco-friendly ideas. The same goes for window treatments also. Natural substances are gaining clients due to their advantages and their classy appearances. They are now quickly becoming the window therapy for choice for nurseries.

  • Bamboo shutters

Bamboo shutters are a superb option when it comes to natural and toxin-free shutters for nurseries. They’re beautiful and classy. Bamboo shutters can be found in many different looks and textures. While the original wooden and earthy expression of the bamboo shutters is beautiful, you may even locate them in the color or shade you would like. Keep in mind to look for bamboo shutters that have not been treated with dangerous chemicals before making your purchase.

  • Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are a favorite choice for a nursery. They are natural and non-toxic. Solid wood is durable and is more or less easy to wash. They sit at the windows, making them perfect for a toddler or a baby’s room. They’re easy to operate without a cord too. The only disadvantage you will face with wooden dividers is they are prone to warping. You may also back the wooden dividers up with blackout liners to make the room dark in the daytime.

  • Shaker design shutters

Shaker style dividers have solid panels of Material that can be timber. They are flat and can be shut or opened completely. They are simple and simple to look at and therefore are usually ignored when it comes to natural and toxin-free window remedies for toddlers. But they are wonderful in their functionality. The shaker-style dividers can block out the weather outside. However difficult the rain or how hot the sun is, these window treatments are made to withstand them. Also, they fully block light filtering in from outside.

  • Ovation shutters

If you’re looking for shutters that are beautiful to check at while still being functional in your own nursery, ovation dividers might be to your preferences. They are also called louvers and are designed so you can control and adjust the sunlight that filters in through the windows. They are normally made from wood or teak that’s furniture grade. It’s often made by hand and is offered in several stain choices. When set up, they cover the whole of the window.

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