5 Steps To Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Commercial Kitchen

Energy Efficiency in Your Commercial Kitchen

Ensuring you run your kitchen in an energy-efficient way can save you major expenses and create a dynamic and productive work environment for you and your workers. Not to mention the advantages to the surroundings! Maybe you’re not certain where to start? Every step along with the process issues and Main Auction Services, Inc have compiled this site to steer you in the ideal direction concerning energy efficiency for your commercial kitchen.

Efficiency Tip #1 — Install LED or CFL Light Bulbs Through The Kitchen

Out of all the light bulbs on the market, these two types have the highest efficiency rate and last the longest. This saves both money and time, as the frequency of replacements is dramatically reduced.

Efficiency Tip #2 – Inspect Seals & Gaskets On Your Storage Units & Refrigerators

The second airtight commercial kitchen equipment starts losing air, it loses its efficacy as well. When it’s a fridge or storage facility, you have to confirm the condition of seals so you may replace them if they’ve dried out or cracked. The benefit of this will be two-fold. – improve efficiency and conserve energy.

Efficiency Tip #3 — Take Careful Consideration When Shopping For Equipment

Each kitchen is unique, so don’t just buy any equipment. Go for appliances that will be utilized to their full potential in your kitchen and especially equipment that boasts electricity savings. Main Auction Services, Inc can help you plan out your kitchen and decide which equipment is the most crucial that you set up in the first case. You can buy from trusted and experienced restaurant supply in OKC.

Efficiency Tip #4 — When It’s Not Being Used, Switch It Off — Obviously Not Refrigeration and Freezer Units!

Whilst this may seem like a basic reminder, unfortunately, many people still forget. Ensure that appliances that aren’t in use are turned off. Not only does this waste energy, but it unnecessarily runs up your bill, which may compromise your business financially over time. What’s more, leaving some equipment in stand-by mode may reduce the life of your appliances unnecessarily and reduce your bill.

Efficiency Tip #5 — Introduce a Training Programme to Bring the Whole Team On Board

Sometimes efficiency issues emerge because not everybody gets the exact same memo. Train and re-train your kitchen employees on energy efficiency to ensure your processes stay fresh in their minds and are upgraded to move with the times.

Managing and functioning in a power-efficient kitchen impart significant values such as sustainability. Main Auction Services, Inc happens to be planning commercial kitchens for a long time and brings a wealth of knowledge to what makes a power-efficient and productive business kitchen. We supply only the highest quality appliances that ensure your kitchen will operate effectively for the long term.

If you’re in the market to receive the maximum quality commercial kitchen equipment and want to plan an efficient kitchen, get connected today. We have many years of experience in the industry, we understand efficient commercial kitchen planning. Appliances for sale and carefully plan your own kitchen design so that you will get the most out of your team and kitchen. We would love to work together with one to create your kitchen eco-friendly and energy conserving. Give us a call today and get our expert advice.

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