Know How New Restaurant Equipment Lead To Long Term Saving

New Restaurant Equipment

It can be one of the toughest decisions when starting a food service business or replacing older restaurant equipment: Should you buy new or used equipment? Your brain’s instant gratification system tells you that it’s an easy decision – a used piece might be hundreds of times cheaper. There are few situations where you will make long-term financial gains from purchasing pieces that someone else has already enjoyed the best years of.

The upfront cost of purchasing new kitchen equipment is likely to be offset by the many benefits that used equipment brings. You can only decide what is best for you and your budget. Here are some reasons why purchasing new kitchen equipment is more likely to pay off.

Reduced Maintenance

As with any complicated machine, the more equipment you use, the more maintenance it will need. You’re likely to need to call your service provider more often than with new equipment if you purchase used restaurant equipment. This could result in you spending hundreds of dollars on each issue. You might also find that older units are more difficult to replace and may end up costing you more.

Longer Warranties

A warranty is a great idea considering the potential problems with used pieces. It’s also easy to see why it is unlikely that you will get one, or why the ones you do get would be very limited. You’ll likely get a warranty that covers the equipment from possible failures for anywhere from one to five years with new restaurant equipment. This warranty is a significant benefit and can save you a lot of money if there are any problems.

Better Performance

Although this is related to the first benefit, it has an immediate impact on the product quality you offer your customers. As an example, commercial griddles can develop hot spots over time as portions of the heating element fail or other parts lose their calibration and overheat. This could lead to product damage, burnt foods, and unhappy customers. New pieces, which have just been rolled off the manufacturing lines, are unlikely to experience these problems. If they do, the warranty will likely cover them.

No Mysteries

You are preparing food with everyone who has used the equipment. Although you and your staff might treat commercial equipment with care, it is likely that they are regularly used in food service establishments. It can be a problem simply because it is older.

More Reliability

This one adds to benefits three, four, and five. Each one presents problems that could lead to the failure of your most important kitchen equipment. It could happen during meal service and cause you to lose a lot of business. It all depends on how long it takes for your service company to fix it. This is not just about the potential loss of profit, but it can also lead to ill will and lost faith in your customers. This could result in lost customer traffic as well as financial loss over the long term.

Get what you need

You can order the exact piece you want when you purchase commercial restaurant equipment. You have to accept the lowest price for used equipment, even if it means that you will sacrifice certain features such as sliding doors and more burners. Although you might be tempted to say it’s a great deal, the savings will quickly disappear if your business can’t keep up with customer demand.

Improved Efficiency

The average person knows that the more you drive your car, the less gas mileage it will get. The engine’s parts wear out and stop firing as they once did, which means that it requires more gas to continue to run. The same applies to kitchen equipment. It becomes less efficient due to wear and tear, which means it consumes more energy or gas. Newer technology allows manufacturers to create more efficient parts, so this is a win-win situation.

Meet the Health Codesntly 

Restaurant equipment is always evolving to provide a better product. For example, stainless steel surfaces can be made easier to clean or coved corners can be used to prevent bacteria from collecting. Technology is constantly evolving, and regulations are often in line with it. This could mean that the piece you are looking at may be exempted from safety or health regulations. New commercial equipment will likely be safer and cleaner than the used. If you want to buy commercial restaurant equipment, then buy it from a reputable store like restaurant supply Dallas.

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