Know More About The HVAC Myth & Facts

HVAC Myth Facts

You want your HVAC system to work all year, no matter what season it is. Air conditioning “tricks”, heating and cooling myths, and other tips from less-reliable sources have been infiltrating homes all over the country for years. These tricks can be dangerous and ineffective at best.

HVAC can be difficult to grasp unless you are deeply involved and have a deep understanding of the system. We can help. These are the most common myths that you have probably heard, but our team of HVAC in carrollton professionals in your area has all the facts you need.

The Truth Behind Common HVAC Myths

Myth #1:Air filters don’t have to be changed regularly so we can do it by ourselves whenever necessary.

The Truth is This statement is half true. Although you can replace the filter yourself, they still need to be maintained regularly. They run less efficiently the dirtier they become.

Myth #2 Moving the thermostat all the time up or down heats or cools a building more quickly.

The Truth: An elevator will come faster if you press the button multiple times. The same principle applies to your thermostat. The thermostat is not a magic bullet. It doesn’t work faster or harder depending on how high or low you set it. Your thermostat is a thermostat that controls the temperature of the room.

Myth #3 –Closing vents can save you more.

The TruthisClosing vents won’t save you any money, and could eventually cause serious problems for your system. Vents can cause an imbalance in your system and redirect the airflow through your home. Pressure buildup in your system’s ducts can lead to other problems.

Myth #4 – Routine maintenance is not required.

The Truth is Routine maintenance of your HVAC system will be the same as an oil change for your car. It’s important to make sure your HVAC system runs smoothly, no matter what the weather outside. Routine maintenance is important to avoid costly repairs.

Myth #5 – The bigger the better.

The Truth is Larger systems are more likely to have more cycles, which can increase costs and make your system more expensive. This in turn reduces the system’s lifespan. While some homeowners believe a larger system is better, sometimes it doesn’t work as well.

Myth #6 – An energy-efficient HVAC unit will lower my bills.

The Truth is This could be true, but it’s not the only thing that matters. If the house isn’t properly maintained, even the most efficient model won’t reduce your bills. Your system and you both need to be efficient to reduce utility bills.

Myth #7 – It’s cheaper to leave the unit on than to turn it off.

The Truth. Many people think that it is cheaper to have your thermostat set high or low if you are out of town, or are away all day. It doesn’t cost more to have your unit turn on/off. You will save money and energy by turning it off when you aren’t using it.

Myth #8 –If you’re hot, you’ll use a fan.

The Truth is A fan does not function as an air conditioner. Fans are intended to circulate air and not cool it. Although it can cool you by moving air through your skin, it won’t lower the temperature in the room.

Myth #9 –My system does not require maintenance.

The Truth is No matter how sophisticated or expensive your system, it still requires regular maintenance. Even a Lexus requires an oil change. Even the most healthy people visit their doctor for regular check-ups. The HVAC system functions in the same way. Routine maintenance is easier and cheaper than waiting for an HVAC system to fail and fixing it immediately.

Myth #10 – Keeping the temperature constant is more efficient.

The Truth is Maintaining the same temperature throughout the day can lead to high energy bills and risks. It is important to use as little energy as possible. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is small, less energy is required. It is therefore a good idea for your home to be as close as possible to the outside temperature when you are not there. Programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature to ensure comfort and efficiency.

Myth #11 –The thermostat position doesn’t matter.

The truth is that your thermostat will shut down if it is too close to a vent or in direct sunlight. It is important to place the thermostat in an accessible area, but not too close to a vent or window.

Your HVAC system is designed to provide indoor comfort and acceptable air quality. You can get the best use of your HVAC system and have fewer breakdowns if you take care of it the same way as you would your cars, your home, or your health. Regular maintenance and check-ups increase the longevity of your system and will keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year. Talk to one of our local HVAC contractors today to ensure that your system is running at its best.

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