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Hospital Gowns

We were inspired by a Twitter conversation this week and explored the anxiety that patients feel when they have to wear traditional hospital gowns. Hospital gown design is causing widespread grumbling from everyone involved. All parties involved in hospital gown design are expressing their desire for a game-changer.

The problem is not in hospitals providing gowns for patients during medical procedures and exams. The problem is not so much in the gown design, which is unsuitable for the purpose.

Traditional gowns have an open back that exposes the patient’s flesh. Many patients feel vulnerable as if the thought of going to the hospital was not enough. There must be a change.

What do consultants Think?

Most medical professionals feel that the less expensive gowns are not as effective. Some told stories about their personal humiliation at having to wear an “old draughtyā€¯ hospital gown.

Some discussion was had about how gowns could be used to keep the environment clean. Others suggested that the gowns should be provided so that patients don’t lose their clothes in hospital laundry. All of this ignores the fact that the problem is not in the provision of a gown, but the design of the hospital gown.

Patients are also people

Although this is obvious, procurement teams sometimes overlook it when they are looking through supplier catalogs to find the best price for gowns.

Patients have low expectations. Patients expect to be humiliated when they arrive at the hospital. They are prepared to be exposed in a gown made of scratchy, potentially see-through fabric.

Some people like to wear it as a kind of sympathy badge. To show their friends, these patients post a photo in the gown.

There are workarounds

Many hospitals use different methods to provide unsuitable gowns after conducting a Twitter investigation. This is to make the situation more convenient for patients. According to some hospital staff, patients should wear two gowns at a time. To cover the gap, but one at the front and another at your back. It’s uncomfortable and a waste of laundry effort.

Others claimed that their hospital provides PJ bottoms for patients to wear under the gown. This could indicate that the gowns are either too short or too thin.

A hospital may provide a hospital dressing gown that can be worn over the hospital gown. The second piece of clothing may be provided if one is not available.

It is obvious that the additional cost of laundering two pieces of clothing and providing them with a second piece of clothing after each use would be a waste. These workarounds can cost more than the actual cost of purchasing the gown.

Good design is the difference between success and failure.

What does a good design look and feel like? We know that hospital gowns must be respectful of dignity. Patients need to feel comfortable. It is equally important to have an easy way of closing or tying the gown. The original purpose of a gown was to allow for access to the body during medical procedures. Medical professionals need to be able to work with enough fabric.

Interweave offers a variety of hospital gowns, including:

The Dignity Gown – Designed in collaboration with TrusTech approximately 10 years ago, this fully reversible gown can be worn either with ties at the front or at the back. You can attach IV drips easily with the short sleeves.

The Three-Arm Toga Gown – A unique hospital gown design that doesn’t need any poppers or ties. Wrap the gown around your body and wrap another length around it. Then, slide the “third” arm on. This is ideal for X-rays and MRIs as well as CT scans.

The Lap-over Gown – This best-selling gown features a wide wrap-over panel at the back and color-coordinated ties to make closing the gown easier. Some patients may need assistance fastening the gown. There are no gaps in the fabric and it is thick.

Good design has cost-saving benefits

It is not a wise procurement decision to spend your money on the wrong style of the hospital gowns and then have to add another item.

However, it is worth spending a little more to get the right hospital gown design. This will help you save money and also keep your laundry costs down.

If you’re buying in bulk, we recommend that you ask our customer service team for a quote on one of the three gowns featured in this article, you might be surprised how much you will save.

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