Know More About What to Look For in Large Doormats While Buying it

Large Doormats

It is important to order the right size front doormats for large entrances and exits. This will ensure maximum floor protection.

Large Door Mats

However, for maximum protection, we recommend that you double the indoor mat size if you have the space.

Before entering the building, make sure your shoes are completely dry. It may take several feet to dry shoes effectively. This will depend on the type of mat, its size, and how much footfall it has.

Everyone who enters the building should walk several paces across the large entrance mat before they step onto the floor.

Extra Large Door Mats For Entrances

We recommend measuring the entire width of your doorway and the maximum length the mat can extend into your entrance.

We offer extra-large commercial floor mats measuring up to 550cm long x 200cm wide and in plain or logo matting. Our products are strong, durable, and long-lasting. These products are geared towards industrial and commercial businesses such as offices, schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants and offices, and healthcare trusts.

Each extra-large lift and lie doormat is manufactured with a premium Rubber border and backing. This prevents cracking and curling. This ensures that large doormats don’t ‘creep” and stay in place.

For large front door mats, make sure you have the right backing

The rubber backing of the mat can also be tailored to suit the type of floor it will be used on. Grips rubber backing can be used on mats that are placed on carpeted floors, while flat rubber backing can be used for mats that are placed on hard tiled floors. This unique backing will anchor the product to your floor.

We apply a heavy-duty, stable backing to all recessed mat products (such as brush matting and coir) to ensure a tight fit in the recessed area. This also helps to minimize any potential rippling effects that may occur with larger mats.

Large doormats can be expensive so make sure to choose a reputable supplier. We have been providing services to organizations for many years. We will gladly help you find the right large front door mat or extra-large doormat.

Can withstand water. A doormat that can withstand wet conditions is the best. A doormat that can withstand rain and humidity, and dry quickly is important. You’ll need to replace your doormat frequently if it doesn’t.

UV-resistant. To protect your doormat from the sun, it will need to be UV-treated.

Synthetic fibers. The outside door mats should be able to last for many years and not just one season. Synthetic fibers are more resilient to dirt, moisture, and weather than natural fibers. Coir mats made from natural fiber are best kept indoors.

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