Know These Basic Requirement For Passport photo

Passport photo

It is a hassle to take passport photos! It is difficult to ensure your passport photos comply with government standards because of the many requirements set forth by passport authority standards.

What exactly are these passport-photo requirements?

Let’s start with a disclaimer. Not all countries have the same requirements for passport photos. These guidelines apply to all countries. To ensure that their citizens can travel to as many countries as possible, most jurisdictions standardize their passport photos.

Let’s now go over the requirements for passport photos.

General Passport Quality Requirements

The passport photo must be:

Passport Photos Must Be InColor

Greyscale photos are great for professional mugshots but they are not recommended for passports. Make sure to take color photos so that immigration can assist you in presenting your passport.

Passport Photos Must Be In Focus

Blurred photos are strictly forbidden. You should get a clear picture that shows all details, even blemishes.

Minimum photo size of 600px wide and 750px tall

Authorities believe that anything less than this is not sufficient to resolve facial details.

Not less than 50KB and not more than 10MB

Submissions of digital photos must not exceed a certain size. Before you send your digital photo, make sure to open properties and verify the file size.

Passport Photo Composition Requirements

The passport photo must be:

Red Eye should not be included in passport photo

If your eyes are not natural, the governmental authorities won’t accept a passport picture.

Use a plain, light background

Acceptable backgrounds include white, off-white and cream. Rejections are more likely to occur with darker backgrounds. Any patterns, shadows, or objects found in the background will be rejected by authorities.

Passport photo must be in contrast with the background

Your passport photo must clearly show contrast with the background. They should not blend in any way.

Only one subject must be included in the photo

Your passport photo should only be of you and you alone. No children, partners or other family members are allowed.

These are the rules for how you should appear in passport photos

Several rules govern how you should appear in passport photos.

Here’s a quick rundown. It is essential that you:

Do not let shadows touch your face

Please adjust the lighting if there are shadows. Sometimes the lights from above can cast shadows onto your cheeks.

Passport Photo: No smiling, just a natural look

Smiling is not allowed in passport photos. Relax your facial muscles to create a neutral expression.

Keep your mouth shut

However, you shouldn’t relax your face too much. Your passport photo will be rejected if your mouth is opened.

Get your eyes open and make them visible

Passport officials will not accept photos where you are blinking. Passport authorities will reject photos that cover your eyes.

Take a look at the camera for your passport photo

The lens of your camera, no matter if it’s a smartphone or DSLR, should be directly in front of you. Do not look to the side.

Use a handheld device to view the screen. This will cause your eyes to drift from the lens.

Do not wear your hair down on your face

You should not have your hair covering your face if you have long hair, or a fringe. You can allow it to cover your forehead but not below the brow. This will allow authorities to view your eyebrows and cheeks as well as your nose and chin.

Not Include A Head Covering (Except For Religious Observance)

All types of headwear, including crowns, crowns, helmets and sweatbands, are prohibited. Religious headwear is an exception. You will have to make sure that the headwear does not cover your forehead below the brow.

No Headwear Accessories Included

You should not place your glasses on your head to take photos.

Do not let a shadow fall behind your head

Last but not least, you cannot have a shadow behind or cast on the background.

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