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Some people find it easy to change their name while others find it difficult. You may also need to change your name if you are getting married, divorced, or if you feel you don’t like the one that you have. No matter the reason, there are some things you should know before changing your name.

If you’re thinking about making the change official, here are some steps. To avoid problems later, it is best to follow the process.

How to Change Your Name

After getting married, it is the best time to begin a name change. The next step would be to get a divorce. You will need legal documentation to prove your name change after these events. You can submit your documents in either case to start the process.

The process can be slow. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S., your passport should be used until you get the new document. This will avoid any problems that could arise from a name change.

Are you unhappy with your birth name?

You can now change your birth name if you are unhappy with it. You cannot simply choose any name. There are restrictions on the names that you can use. You cannot, for example, name yourself after a famous person. You can also use numbers or characters as your name. You can’t use offensive or vulgar names.

You can choose to change your name or dislike it. It is not possible to change your name to avoid paying a bill, evade law enforcement, or commit fraud. To ensure you are doing this for the right reasons, a background check will be required.

Whom should you inform?

After you have completed the process and received your document, it is time to notify the Social Security Administration. Although there are many other places you can notify, the SSA is the best. The original document must be presented to the SS office. This could include a divorce decree or marriage certificate.

Notify the DMV and banks, credit card companies (utility companies), and your mortgage company. Notify your post office as well as your doctor or insurance provider. Reapply with the name change document if you need to replace a passport.

The process can be done by you alone

All the information you need to complete your name change can be found here. If you feel the process is too complicated, you can hire a company that will assist you. Numerous companies specialize in helping people with a name change. You will need to pay a fee if you hire one. A name change will be charged.

You can also request a name change to be legal. Provide proof of your name change to complete the process. You can use your marriage certificate or divorce decree as documentation. You must provide all information and documentation to be approved if you want to change your name. You can only get a new name if you have the OK. We also provide all types of passport services and also Emergency Passport in San Antonio.

The state law determines what you can call yourself. Although you are free to name your unique things, there is a set of rules that must be followed when changing your name.

It is against the law to modify your name to a misleading name such as one given to celebrities. Although it is prohibited for individuals to use numerals or punctuation in their names, some courts have allowed the use of periods and the spelling out of numerals.

It is also forbidden to choose a name that would offend or intimidate anyone or be racial.

While you might expect to have to update your Social Security and credit card information, many other people will need to know your new name.

Your taxes can be affected by a name change. Your tax returns must have the same names as Social Security Administration records. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a name mismatch could delay your refund.

You will also need to notify your employer, doctor’s office, voter registration office, and utility companies.

After jumping through so many hoops to get your name changed, the last thing you want is to find out you have misspelled your new moniker.

It might seem obvious but we receive many inquiries per year from people needing to change their legal names because of misspellings.

Avoid the embarrassment and hassle of sending an official memo that has your name misspelled. Make sure that every form you submit is quadruple-checked.

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