Know What Forms Will You Need To Get A Passport

Passport Forms

Sometimes, it can be challenging for applicants to figure out which forms and applications are required to obtain a passport. It all relies on the type of service that you require. It doesn’t matter if you need a new passport or renewal for children or adults. We have listed below the most commonly requested passport forms, which can be used in a routine or expedited manner. These forms can be downloaded in PDF format online.

DS-11 Form to Apply for a New Passport

When you apply for a new first-time passport, either for an adult or for a child, the DS-11 is used. You can also use it to apply for a child or adult passport that has been lost or stolen. The average processing time for the application form DS-11 is about 4-6 weeks. The applicant must sign the application form as instructed by the agent.

DS82 Passport Renewal Form

When you apply for passport renewal via mail, the DS82 form will be used. The applicant must not be younger than 16 years. You must submit this form if your US passport has not been damaged and is valid for at least 15 years. This application must be accompanied by your current passport. Except if you are applying for expedited service at an agency, you don’t need to apply in person. Two passport photos must be included with the application if it is sent by mail. You will also need to include the expired passport book and any government fees (in the form of a cheque or money order). If you are planning to travel in the next weeks, include your travel itinerary.

DS-3053 Consent Statement or Special Circumstance to a Minor Passport

The DS-3053 form is used to prove parental consent to obtain a passport. This form must be submitted together with the DS-11 Application to Passport. To use this form, you must be an applying/non-applying parent or guardian and is unable to appear in person with your child, and this form must be signed in front of a notary public.

DS-5544 Application Form for Name and Data Corrections

The Form DS-5504 is used to request a data correction or name change within one calendar year of the date of passport issuance. This form is for brides who are newly married and want to change their husbands’ names. These changes can be made in between four and six weeks using routine mail.

DS64 Passport Replacement Application Form

When a person’s passport is lost or stolen, the DS64 form can be used to request a new one. This form must be submitted with Form DS-11. Submitting this form and requesting a brand new passport automatically voids your current passport and makes it invalid for any further use.

DS-10 Passport Form

The DS-10 When you use a form, A person’s birth certificate is not available or lost. All passport applications must show proof of citizenship. A birth certificate or documentation verifying naturalization is the most common method of proof. Include your handwritten statement and an affidavit in the application. The affidavit should state Provide a photocopy of your birth certificate and any other public or personal records that prove you were born.

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