Luxury Moving Services: Tips For Deciding It Is Right For You or Not

Luxury Moving Services

We understand the importance of moving your most valuable and expensive items. A luxury moving company is a great option to make sure your valuable antiques, fragile furniture, and large furniture arrives safely at your new residence.

These tips and points will help you decide whether luxury moving services are right for you.


If you’re moving out of high-rise buildings, a luxury mover is a good idea. It takes great skill to maneuver heavy items through narrow apartment hallways. Luxury movers are equipped with the right tools and skills to manage your move. You don’t want a bunch of inexperienced movers moving your furniture and walls. They don’t have all the tools necessary.


It is important to choose the right team for moving your antiques and fragile houseware. It is important to be able to trust your movers to safely transport your valuable items without worrying about damage. Luxury movers know how to take care of antiques and expensive decor.


It can be difficult to move large furniture pieces. Luxury movers will be able to safely transport large furniture. Luxury movers can safely move a grand piano or heavy wooden armoire.


Full service moving is often offered by luxury movers in addition to regular services. One of our team members will walk through your house with you. The team will walk through your home with you and determine the right tools and equipment. The team will then begin packing your home. You can then relax and cross any last-minute moving tasks off your to-do list. Our team will then load your items onto our moving trucks, and do all the unloading/packing.


Let’s first discuss the differences between a traditional and a luxury moving company.

Luxury moving companies are those that specialize in luxury clients. It often includes celebrities and high-profile individuals, but also families with special moving needs.

A luxury moving company will take care of all your needs during the move. These services include packing and moving with care (with special consideration given to antiques), custom crating, luxury car transport, private plane transport, custom crating, and around-the-clock moving services.

What is it that sets a luxury moving business apart from a regular moving company?


A reputable moving company will not tell everyone about their move. They also won’t go around telling everyone who it is they are moving to. Luxury moving companies understand the importance of discretion when handling luxury moves. Our Moving and Storage has been trusted by many high-profile individuals and families as their movers of choice. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of luxury moves. Our movers can work with security teams on staff so that your estate and you are protected.


Moving companies should treat your personal property with respect and use every precaution to safely move your belongings. However, a luxury moving company will be better equipped to safely transport your expensive items. An original Picasso, for example, would be wrapped in canvas paintings to protect them during transport.


If you choose to hire a traditional mover, it means that you will be getting a company that provides general moving services. This is similar to ordering a value meal at a fast-food place. The number of rooms and square footage you need to move is what determines the cost. You can also choose from different packages such as packing and moving, packing, moving, and unpacking.

When you hire a luxury moving company, you are paying for the move that is customized to your unique needs. You decide what services you want, you manage the moving process, and have full access to your manager. You can control what, when, and where you want it to be done. We take care of the rest. You should have complete control of your move. Customized moving gives you the ability to manage every aspect.


Traditional moving companies work traditional hours. These hours cannot be changed and, if you can find a company offering non-traditional hours you will end up paying a lot more. Luxury moving companies offer round-the-clock services, so you can plan your move to suit your needs and schedule.

We understand that moving can be stressful and that it is difficult to plan. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.


Moving companies must be able to safely pack and transport “average” household goods without causing damage. Professional moving trucks and moving dollies are required. However, luxury moves can have special requirements and may require specialized equipment. A luxury move might require the removal of an antique grand piano. This doesn’t just involve specialized wrapping of the piano for transport, it requires wrapping in premium packing materials and moving equipment that will ensure that the piano stays carefully packed and is not jostled during the move.

We can help you move your house, business, or office. We can help you move anywhere. Get a free quote by contacting us today!

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