Personalised Made to Measure Doormats: Things to Know

Personalised Doormats

Did you know that research shows that one-tenth of a second is enough to establish traits such as trustworthiness? The first impression is made in the initial second you dream of meeting someone? It is important to present your entrance professionally.

You only need seconds to make the lasting impression that you want on your visitors, customers, shoppers, clients, or guests. You can look after any type of building: office, retail shop or restaurant.

A generic list of elements that contribute to a great entrance has been compiled by us.

Create a great first impression checklist

Keep windows and doors clean– Make sure you clean your front doors and windows regularly. This takes up much of your entrance’s wall space from the exterior as well as the interior.

General cleanliness Clean rooms make a better impression than rooms that look messy or untidy. A daily clean can make a huge difference in the impression you give to a space. This includes dusting the tabletops and vacuuming the floors. It’s important to remember to schedule a deep clean every few months for areas that have been neglected.

Branding Your business’s brand awareness is an essential goal. This should be reinforced at your entrance. You can achieve this in many ways, including matching your interior design to your primary brand colors, or by using branded items throughout the room, such as. You can use uniforms, leaflets, and business cards to promote your brand. Personalized doormats You can also find out more about them.

Comfort– Make people feel comfortable when they enter your home. There are many ways to improve this comfort.

TemperatureYou should have an efficient air con/heating system with a thermostat to ensure that your guests don’t get a chill or sweaty skin. Your guests shouldn’t notice the temperature unless they’re entering from extreme weather conditions.

Flooring and seating It is not unusual to find seating at an entrance, as there are often waiting areas or receptions. It’s important to consider not only how attractive the seating is, but also how comfortable it will be to sit on. Although it may seem obvious, the comfort of your floor can make a huge difference in the first impression you leave. First, and most importantly, avoid uneven or trip hazards. An Entrance mat is the best way to ensure comfort underfoot.

ColorsThe choice of colors can have a profound impact on the space. You can make a space appear smaller or bigger, and also affect the mood of its occupants. Our logo mat range You can use a variety of colors and branding throughout the building.

All senses are attracted:

Smell It is possible to make a huge difference in the impact a room has on the first person who enters it. You need to ensure that the scent is not too strong and appeals to all senses. You should get the opinion of a group of people before you launch a new scent. It can be subjective, and you must have at least a majority approval for it to have any positive or negative effect.

Taste Reception areas often have sweets and mints. If you have a waiting room at your entrance, it’s a good idea for guests to be able to grab something to eat. Wrapped mints can be a great option, as they are good for freshening breath and helping to prevent germs from lingering.

Sound –It will depend on your business, but background music can help people adjust their minds and relax. A hotel receptionist might prefer to play classical or quiet jazz music while a high-end retail shop might prefer to listen to chart music at a higher volume. Your sound system’s quality can also have a significant impact. You should also consider how to cancel out unwanted sounds like creaky doors, or exterior sounds (sound insulation).

Lighting Lighting is often used to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Warm white lights are more relaxed and informal than bright white lights.

Simple navigation This may seem obvious, but people don’t like to think too much about things. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly where everything is, it doesn’t mean others will. It is a good idea to signpost and leave directions where necessary.

Where do you start?

You might have guessed that we are biased about the most important features of an entrance due to our business. Although all of the above should be considered, a heavy-duty floor mats is a quick win that you can implement in no time at all.

We are the largest supplier of personalized mats for commercial and industrial use. We can manufacture, design, and deliver personalized made-to-measure door mats according to your specifications.

Personalized mats are not only a great way of immediately getting your brand in front of anyone that enters your building, but they also help improve the overall look and feel of an entranceway and help create a great first impression.

Here are just a few of our personalized welcome mats, also known as printed logo mats, that can all be ordered made to measure. Our customer service team is available to help you by phone if you have any questions.

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