Quick Guide To Different Types Of Space Heaters

Space Heaters

Space Heater Hire Options

It is now winter, and it is getting colder inside. Heating a whole house can be costly and inefficient. This is why it is often more cost-effective to use a space heater. If your boiler requires repair, space heaters can be an alternative.

Space heaters are appliances that heat enclosed spaces. There are many types of space heaters, but all can be energy – and money-saving as they heat only the area they are in. These heaters can be used for heating small spaces in the home or for commercial purposes.

Electric Radiator Heater

A portable electric radiator heater heats up to twice as fast as traditional radiators. This heater is ideal for small offices, domestic rooms, or site huts that need to be warm and comfortable throughout winter. This oil-filled radiator has a thermostat that regulates the temperature to your desired level. The radiator can be set to adjust the output level to suit the weather.

This electric heater heats only the area of interest, so it is much more efficient than heating a whole house. The safety cutoff ensures that it doesn’t overheat and the tilt safety cutout.

Commercial Infrared Heater

This infrared heater can be used temporarily to heat or dry plaster and paint. Infrared heaters use high-frequency heat waves to penetrate the air and not heat it. Infrared heaters heat objects and people, not the atmosphere. This makes them one of the most efficient heating options as there is no waste heat. This heater is suitable for both residential and commercial use. It can also be easily moved. We also provide commercial space heater rental.

LPG Space Heater

This heater can be used in warehouses, factories, and for drying out buildings. It’s a propane-fired convection heater. It’s easy to use and economical. It runs on propane and does not require an electrical supply. This heater is ideal for larger industrial spaces.

Safety Considerations

You should consider safety when renting a space heater. First, the heater should be proportional to the area you are heating. You should ensure that the heater you choose has all the features you need, such as a remote control.

Fire safety is extremely important. At least 3ft should be the minimum distance between heaters and flammable objects. Gas heaters are generally not safe to use indoors. Infrared and electric heaters are preferred for domestic use.

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