The Advantages of Using Washable Face Mask

Washable Face Mask

In the current unprecedented instances, face masks have become crucial in promoting safety. The safety of our workers and our customers has always been our priority. That’s why we’re providing high-quality, breathable, washable face masks.

So far, we’ve seen that a massive uptick in the demand for masks and lack of systems to properly dispose of these after usage is causing quite some ecological harm (in the shape of waste). But we are, after all, in a strange and trying time, one in which masks are crucial.

They function exactly like single-use ones: they induce air to pass through a substance that acts as a filter, eliminating water droplets that ferry viral particles around. The key difference is that such masks are meant to be used, washed, and used again for weeks, even years.

Medical-grade single-use masks are made from layers of plastic substances, also there are numerous types of reusable medical masks. Our physicians and nurses want these right now, though, so what we advocate instead are homemade or skilled fabric masks.

Such masks are not utilized in hospitals since they do not provide enough protection from a host of pathogens. But for the general public, in which the most important point of concern is preventing coronavirus-bearing particles from penetrating our mouth or nose masks (such as tightly-wrapped scarves) are good at preventing the spread of this virus involving individuals. They are also fairly effective at reducing the number of droplets emitted by a carrier and the variety they are exhaled at.

There are various benefits to not only wearing face masks but purchasing masks from us that you can wash and reuse. Here are Simply Some of them:

Safety First

Cloth face masks are made to slow down the spread of viruses and germs. Face masks help prevent one individual from spreading germs to another. They provide a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and on other people. Masks don’t necessarily protect their wearer, but they also help shield the folks around the wearer. In that aspect, masks gain everyone!

Face masks have fast become part of the new normal, and many people can not leave their homes without consuming one. Whether you’re on the job or running errands, a proper face mask is essential. That is why it’s crucial to invest in a steady source of high-quality masks that can last you weeks, if not months later on.

Cost-Effective Long Term

Face masks are not generally expensive. But if you continue having to repurchase them, the prices will start to add up especially if you’re also buying masks for your employees. As it looks like we’ll have to wear masks for the near future, why not save money on these if you can?

Disposable masks, whereas suitable to just throw in the trash after utilizing, will cost you additional money and hassle in the long run. Not just that but remembering to order them, again and again, can be bothersome and time-consuming. Washable face masks resolve all those pesky problems in one simple purchase.

Disposable masks are being found dropped on the floor, on shores, and in parks. This means that they cause a further contamination hazard if people may inadvertently touch them. Our reusable masks include a protective pouch that you could immediately put your mask in after use to prevent contamination. You may then wash and wash your mask ready to wear again.


Lastly, we provide washable face masks in Canada that are more eco-friendly compared to their one-time-use counterparts. While environmentalism may not be at the forefront of everybody’s brains at this moment, it is certainly important to take it under consideration. Going green is a trend that will only keep rising.

It’s always good to reduce your carbon footprint, and something as little as a washable face mask can make a difference. It is a simple way to remain secure while protecting the environment and reducing waste from landfills. That’s a win-win for everybody involved!

Advantages of Choosing the Reusable Industrial Face Mask

  • Breathe comfortably with full Security
  • Minimize cross-contamination with a Vinyl filter shield
  • Fits snugly on the face Using silicone construction
  • Powerful filter Using four (4) layers, and the kit Contains 5 filters Using Every mask
  • Time Match (No need to continually adjust for comfort)
  • Environmentally friendly, because it is reusable
  • Personalize Human masks by attaching identification to them directly

Get High-Quality, Washable Face Masks

We are all known for our top-notch linen, uniform, and facility leasing providers. The identical quality you expect from us to those services can also be evident within our face masks that are washable. Our face masks are designed with both safety and convenience in mind, so you have one less thing to fret about.

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