The Difference Disinfecting Makes for Health Care Office Cleaning

Health Care Office Cleaning

Would you ever use a plain, dry paper towel to wash a toilet and call it sanitized? Not likely, unless you’re kidding yourself. In health care office cleaning, Allied Facility Care knows that disinfecting a surface is more than just wiping it. To sanitize it, we must create the ideal environment — whether that means having a chemical agent or warmth.

From the world of healthcare office cleaning, most health or medical employees are responsible for keeping equipment and usually will do so with soaks or warmth for sterilization, whereas janitorial staff will use cleansers specifically intended for disinfection.

To disinfect something means to kill viruses and harmful microorganisms from surfaces. This is achieved by wiping the surfaces with industrial standard products and is the standard in medical and health facilities to stop the spread of germs, cross-contamination, and medical facility obtained illness or infections.

What is Medically Facility Acquired Illness?

This term is based on Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) — as the concept can be expanded to any transmission of illness caused by sick and wholesome people sharing a healthcare distance at any given time. In its true definition, HAIs apply to the condition in which a patient becomes infected when receiving medical treatments and include hospital, clinics as well as nursing homes centers.

These illnesses are caused by fungal, viral, and bacterial pathogens and therefore are more prevalent than anybody would love to believe. Actually, according to recent studies demonstrate:

  • There are an estimated 1.7 million HAIs in US hospitals yearly
  • An estimated 99,000 deaths associated with these illnesses Occur each year
  • These infections account for up to ten billion dollars yearly in healthcare expenses

If hospitals may have this issue, how much more can other medical and healthcare centers? It’s imperative that health care office cleaning is a priority to make sure both patient and staff wellbeing, not just with regular janitorial services, but true sanitation concentrated cleaning for that hire commercial cleaning services in Dallas.

Don’t Use Health Care Staff

Health care workplace cleaning needs to fulfill or exceed the hygienic criteria of hospitals using the right methods, chemicals, and personnel trained to the highest protocols. A focus on preventing cross-contamination must be a priority and responsibility has to be set up to maintain safety.

Health care workers, while trained in such regions need to be able to focus on their particular tasks on hand, and not the additional cleaning tasks a janitorial firm would manage, such as toilet sanitation, dusting, or flooring care. Because of this, a health care office cleaning company ought to be used.

Pathogens and appropriate sanitation methods are minimum requirements for any janitorial firm providing healthcare office cleaning. Background checks are also highly recommended to reduce theft, tampering, or privacy violations.

Janitorial staff ought to be up-to-date on all immunizations, and have relevant OSHA training. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be used appropriately and employees should be kept abreast of any changes in the business that may have an effect on their or other’s wellbeing and/or safety.

How Often and Where to Clean

Daily cleaning and sanitation are due to healthcare office personnel but added daily or frequent cleaning with professional commercial cleaning services in Dallas is recommended. Short cuts are dangerous, so find the right balance between budget and safety for efficacy. Plan cleaning to happen during non-business hours so there is no disturbance to patients or personnel and the cleaning team can be effective and efficient without needing to work around others.

Together, create a plan for cleaning including these areas and determine their unique frequency of attention:

  • Entrance/Foyer.Trash, floor care, glass maintenance, door handles
  • Waiting regions.Trash, armrests, fabric care, surfaces, kid Places, refreshment channels, dusting, floor maintenance
  • Administration areas.Trash, furniture, surfaces, glass, Dusting, floor maintenance
  • Exam rooms.Trash, surface sanitization, hand basins, Specimen areas, manages, dusting, floor maintenance, paper supplies
  • Employee space.Trash, surface sanitization, appliances, supply management, floor maintenance
  • Bathroom areas.Trash, sanitization of stalls, toilets and urinals; hands basins and taps; soap and paper towel dispensers, supply management, floor care

Since medical offices feature mixed-use space unique to their industry, it is necessary to get a janitorial firm that specializes in health care office cleaning. Allied Facility Care was serving the all-around Texas areas commercial cleaning services over 25 years and has the knowledge and experience to not only clean your medical field office but many more industries like educational, commercial, industrial, and many more, but sanitize it to decrease the spread of disease. Contact us now for your free building audit.

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