The Guide On Moving Expensive Art To Your New Home

Moving Expensive Art

Packing is often the hardest part of moving. Many people get so frustrated with packing that they end up throwing everything into boxes hoping for the best.

This may work for clothes and books, but you have to be careful with other items. You’ll need to pack expensive artwork carefully for your move.

It takes patience and planning to move fragile, large, costly, or delicate artwork. Even if your artwork is only a block away, it’s important to be careful. Your art is valuable, both financially and sentimentally.

Get supplies

It is important to have the right supplies for packing expensive art. You should take the time to collect all the necessary supplies. Depending on the type of specialty you need, you may require different supplies.

Paintings and Framed Artwork

You should ensure that you have the right boxes if you are moving artwork or frames. Protect your artwork with artwork boxes, also known as mirror boxes.

Make a list of all the pieces in your collection and take measurements. To protect and pad your artwork, choose boxes that are at least a few inches bigger than your painting’s dimensions.

Standard moving boxes can be used if you’re unable to locate artwork boxes. However, you can make your own by simply flattening the boxes and assembling multiple boxes into one.

Other packing materials that are recommended for paintings and framed artwork include:

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Packing tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Glassine Paper
  • Packaging paper
  • Packing Peanuts

Pottery and sculpture

Pottery and sculptures require a different set of packing supplies. These items require only moving boxes, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap. You should keep track of the number of boxes and sizes you have so that you can ensure you have enough. For boxes, the same rules apply: make sure you get boxes that are a few inches bigger than your piece to ensure it fits snugly.

Prepare Your Pieces

Next, prepare your artwork before packing. Your art should be protected from any movement or shock during transit.

Paintings and Framed Artwork

Place a large X made of blue painter’s tape onto the glass front of any framed art. This X should extend from corner to corner, without touching the frame. This will make sure that if the glass is broken, the art won’t be damaged.

Glassine paper can be used to wrap art that does not have glass. Glassine paper is water- and grease-resistant and can keep your art clean and safe. Use newsprint, wax, or parchment paper sparingly as they can cause damage.

Wrap your pieces in plastic wrap. Wrap the art in bubble wrap, and secure it with packing tape.

Sometimes sculptures can be fragile or oddly shaped. To prevent breakage, strengthening weak points is the best place to begin.

You should wrap the whole piece in plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic gets into all the crevices. Use bubble wrap to cover any weak spots. Cover the whole sculpture with bubble wrap, and then secure it with tape.

Take Care

It is equally important to pack your items in boxes as it is to wrap them. To ensure your items are protected, there are some simple tips you can use to insert your items into boxes.

Paintings and Framed Artwork

First, fill the box with packing paper. This will protect your corners and cushion your piece. To protect the sides and top of your painting, you can add more paper as you lower it into the box. To check if you have enough paper, shake the box and see if the artwork moves. If you find that your artwork is shifting, add more paper.

You can place your sculptures in moving boxes as long as they are properly wrapped and padded. To minimize shifting, you can add more than one piece to large boxes. You should mark your box as FRAGILE from all sides.

A wooden crate is a better option if you have a large sculpture that is not suitable for cardboard boxes.

Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals is the best way to make sure your artwork is safe during the move. Professional movers like white glove moving Dallas can pack and unpack your artwork on one side. They will also offer their expertise to make sure your art arrives safely.

Even if your packing supplies are sufficient, you should hire professional movers who have the knowledge and equipment to safely move your art and take care of it. They will have the necessary equipment to transport large items and will ensure that your items are safe in the truck.

We have a team that is professional, reliable, and experienced in moving you – and your artwork – quickly. Our expert packers will prepare and transport your artwork. Then, they’ll unpack it on the other side.

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