The Hotel Floor Mats: When to Replace

Hotel Floor Mats

If you own or run a hotel, then you know that there are quite a few requirements and concerns unique to the hospitality industry. As you reasonably haven’t given it much thought since you first opened your doors, the floor mats around the building could be detracting from the resort’s aesthetic appeal and placing others in danger.

In today’s post, we will take a peek at a few of the sections of your hotel that might need new floor mats.

Where Could You Use New Floor Mats?


Your hotel’s entryway creates a statement, and you also don’t need shoddy entrance mats to detract from its overall beauty. You reasonably have custom logo mats with your resort’s graphics and colors welcoming guests as they approach the doors, and you may even have a breezeway or entrance door with brightly colored heavy duty floor mats.

Have a little time to inspect both these areas, as you do not want customers to create a negative opinion of your resort before they have walked through these doors! In case your logo mats are looking worse for the wear, or in case your recessed floor mats have sustained damage in the years of use, then make sure you look through our catalog to find fantastic replacements.

Front Desk

The front desk is the first location that guests go to when they have entered the building, and as we mentioned in the previous section, you need their first impact on your resort to be a great one. Many hotels decide to invest in custom logo mats that they can put in the front of the main desk to greet guests, but others place floor runners close to the entryway to guide guests straight to the check-in dining table.

The team members that operate your front desk work difficult, and while they might have seats they can sit in during off-peak hours they likely spend the majority of the day on their feet. While you’re ordering new logo mats and floor runners, be sure to pick up anti-fatigue mats that can help your team remain alert, energetic, and ready to aid your guests with anything they need.


Whether your resort has a full-service restaurant or a little kitchen with only a few employees, you should take a little time to appraise the region’s kitchen mats. Non-slip commercial kitchen mats are exceptionally important assets, and yours might be looking worse for the wear after years of everyday use. Check to see whether the mats near the prep stations and dishwasher still have tread, and contemplate ordering non-anti-fatigue mats to your chefs who spend hours on their toes through the day.


The vast majority of hotels have long hallways, and yours probably have any sort of patterned tile or carpeting which matches the rest of the building. As you don’t necessarily need to place floor runners in each and each hallway, placing one or two close to the elevator on the main floor is an excellent way to keep your guests safe after they have simply walked through the doorways. Hotels are also intimidatingly large for some guests, and lots of people would appreciate a floor runner directing them directly to the elevator once they have checked in.

Examples of When New Commercial Matting is Needed

1. Rubber Edging Becomes Chipped and Worn

In some areas, large pieces of missing rubber siding expand into the carpeting center. This poses a very real threat, as mats are more easily shifted and skewed when the anti-skid rubber chips off.

2. Mat Shifts / Skids Regularly

As noted above, mats have to be replaced whenever they start to change or slip regularly. This is typically the result of the non-skid rubber backing getting chipped, damaged, or worn over time. Damage may not be observable, but if it happens on the underside of the mat. In any case, mats should be monitored for overall stability and replaced as they become less able to keep in place during the day.

3. Surface Texture Gets Worn

This decreases the capacity of the mat to wash and contain dirt/moisture from guests’ shoes, which leads to more debris accumulation within entryways and lobby areas.

4. Color Becomes Faded

Mats that eventually become faded over time present more of a decorative issue than a security concern. Still, it’s very important to consider what floor mats state in your place of business. Faded, stained, or sun-bleached mats present a feeling of disrepair and should be replaced to preserve a general clean and professional image.

5. Before the Beginning of the ”Busy Season”

Any retail business owner can attest to the fact that customer flow is not constant over the year. Depending on your industry, there may be a “Busy Season” in which clients, vendors, or even guests frequent your facility more than any other time of year. It’s a good idea to associate this growth in activity with a corresponding increase in the danger of slip-and-fall mishaps and behave accordingly, replacing matting products in most significant points of entrance.

6. In Anticipation of Seasonal Weather Changes

Like client growth, the weather is another variable that does not stay constant throughout the year. No matter where your center is situated, there is guaranteed to be seasons where wind, snow, rain, or ice accumulation make for dangerous conditions. Plan for all these seasonal weather fluctuations, and limit your exposure to liability by ensuring that all safety matting products are thoroughly cleaned, in good shape, and correctly installed.

We expect that today’s entry can allow you to determine whether it is time to replace the floor mats around your hotel. If any of those mats you’re using could stand to be replaced, then go over to us to purchase all you’ll need in a convenient site!

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