The Simple Ways To Enhance Energy Efficiency In Your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

You can end up spending a lot if your kitchen equipment is not operating at its optimum efficiency. Restaurant managers and commercial kitchen managers have to pay a large number of energy bills. This includes the costs for food preparation and refrigeration, as well as the cooking and cleaning costs. Inefficient energy use not only drains funds but also causes damage to the environment.

We have compiled a few pointers to help optimize your kitchen for greater efficiency. These tips for commercial kitchen energy efficiency can be applied on your own, no matter your technical knowledge.

You can reduce your energy consumption and create a productive working environment for your employees and yourself by running your kitchen efficiently. The environment will also benefit! Maybe you don’t know where to begin? We believe that every step is important and have put together this blog to help you get started.

#1: Install LED or CFL Light Bulbs in Your Kitchen

These two types are the most efficient and longest-lasting of all light bulbs on the market. This reduces the need to replace light bulbs as often as possible, which saves time and money.

#2: Inspect Seals and Gaskets on Your Storage Units And Refrigerators

When commercial kitchen equipment that isn’t air-tight starts to lose air, its efficiency also drops. You need to inspect the seals on your fridge and storage facilities so you can replace any that have cracked or dried out. This will have two benefits: increase efficiency and save money.

#3: Take Care When Shopping for Equipment

Each kitchen is unique so you shouldn’t buy the same equipment twice. Look for appliances that can be used to the full extent of your kitchen, and equipment that is energy efficient. We can help you plan out your kitchen and determine which equipment is the most important for you to install in the first instance.

#4: If it’s not in use, switch it off – It’s not Refrigeration or Freezer Units!

This may seem like a simple reminder, but many people forget. Make sure appliances are off when not in use. This not only wastes energy but also increases your monthly bill. This can lead to financial problems for your company. Unnecessarily leaving equipment on standby can reduce the appliance’s life expectancy.

#5: Create a Training Program To Get The Whole Team Onboard

Efficiency issues can arise when not everyone gets the memo. Training and retraining your kitchen staff in energy efficiency is a good idea to keep your processes current and relevant.

It is important to have a sustainable kitchen. We have been planning commercial kitchens for many years and bring a wealth of knowledge into what makes an energy-efficient and productive commercial kitchen. We provide only the highest quality appliances which ensure your kitchen will run efficiently for the long term.

Regular Planned Maintenance, in addition to investing money in energy-efficient equipment, can help lower energy costs. Routine planned maintenance of freezers, fridges, and ovens can reduce repair costs and extend the equipment’s life. Regular deep cleaning of kitchen equipment, as well as checking gaskets, seals, and gaskets for any leaks, can reduce energy consumption. Create a planned maintenance calendar to track weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual routine maintenance checks. This includes calibration of HVAC and cooking, lubricating seals and exhausts, bearings, and changing filters. Make sure to train kitchen staff on how to clean and properly use kitchen equipment. This will make them more aware of energy usage and help increase energy efficiency.

Get in touch if you’re looking for high-quality commercial kitchen equipment or want to plan an efficient kitchen. We at restaurant supply in Dallas have many years of experience in commercial kitchen planning. We can show you the various commercial catering appliances for sale and carefully plan your kitchen layout so that you will get the most from your team and kitchen. We would love to partner with you in making your kitchen more eco-friendly and efficient.

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