Tips to Help You How to Save Time and Space Before Moving

Save Time and Space Before Moving

It can often feel like a negotiation when it comes to moving. When you move, it is important to remember the old saying that time is money. But we would add space is money to the modern version. Moving fewer boxes will save you money by maximizing the space inside your boxes and making them more efficient.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your big day.

Declutter before you pack

Decluttering your stuff is our favourite tip. This will save you both time and space. Many people find this part of moving boring but listen to us.

You can start to declutter early by getting rid of things that are not needed, wanted, or used. It’s not worth packing and unpacking things that will only gather dust in a different place. Do yourself a favour and find a new place for things that don’t belong in the new home.

It takes a little time to sort through your stuff, but it will help you save time packing, moving, and unpacking. You can spend some time sorting through your rooms and making piles. You will probably find items you didn’t know you had. There are even chances that you may find some things that are useful.

After you have narrowed down the items you want to take, you’ll find fewer boxes, less space in your home and truck, and you spend less time packing and unpacking. It’s a great start!

Use Your Drawers

You might be tempted, as you prepare your items for packing to begin emptying your drawers. This is a good idea. Many people have come to believe that packing everything in boxes and stacking them up for moving makes more sense.

Consider another option: Leave non-fragile and lightweight items in drawers. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the rock collection that you keep in the bottom drawer. If you have clothing, linens and other lightweight items, they won’t be too heavy or difficult to move.

This will help you save money on boxes and time spent loading, unpacking and reloading. To make it easier for your movers, secure the drawers using tape.

You should pack your suitcases

It’s easy to get lost in the city looking for boxes. Or, you can stock up at your local packing supplies store. No matter where you get your boxes, it takes some time to find them. What happens if they aren’t enough? Restart the process!

You can save yourself time and use your suitcases. Do not load your empty suitcases into a truck. This means that you can pack a lot in there, but remember to still lift them off the truck.

Because they are lighter, you can carry books and photo albums with you. Be careful not to fill them with too much, especially when you will be using stairs. You won’t find empty boxes when it comes time to unpack and you won’t have to look for a way out. Win-win!

Improvise On Packing Materials

Instead of going to the supermarket to get packing paper or bubble wrap, look around your home. To cushion delicate items you can use towels, rags, and clothes. These items can also be used to fill boxes in order to prevent items from moving around.

You can use socks to cover glasses, shirts and other small items to fill gaps in boxes. Blankets are used to wrap more precious items. If you get to the opposite side, you will be unpacking twice as fast! After unwrapping fragile items, and putting them away you can also place your linens where it belongs.

Get started early

It is best to get started early to save time and space. You’ll be less organized if you’re in a hurry. This means that things are more likely to be thrown around than well-placed. Although packing may seem faster in the race against time approach, unpacking can be difficult.

It is a good idea to start packing early. This will allow you to plan carefully and file your items in an orderly manner. This will make it easier to pack in a neat and orderly manner when you get there. You’ll be glad you did.

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