What Documents Are Required For Your Passport Application?

Passport Application

You may have to get all the documentation you need to renew or apply for a passport. It can be difficult to keep track of all the paperwork and forms required by government agencies. Texas Passport Center will help you.


What should you bring to renew your passport?


You can renew your passport in person at a regional passport office or by mail. You will need your unaffected expired passport that was issued in the past fifteen years, regardless of which method you use. You will also need Form DS-82 and a check for fees.


You’ll notice six pages when you print Form DS82 from the Department of State’s website. Two pages are needed for passport renewals. It is easy to fill out, asking for information such as your name, address, and emergency contact.


You will need to provide a certified copy or a certified copy to prove that you have legally changed your name. Sometimes, you may need to show proof that you no longer owe back taxes or child support.


Texas Passport Center staff can bring everything you need to renew your passport on your behalf. You will only need to provide two authorization forms so that you can focus on your future travels. Our offices are also able to expedite passport books and card applications.


What should you bring to your first passport application?


If you are applying for your first passport, it must be presented in person at a regional passport office or through an authorized party such as Texas Passport Center. You will need a completed Form DS-11 and proof of US citizenship (e.g. A completed Form DS-11, proof of US citizenship (e.g. birth certificate), a one-color passport-sized photo, and photo identification are required. Naturalized citizens of the United States may present a Certificate for Naturalization instead of a birth certificate. This is an acceptable photo ID.


First-time passport applications are similar to renewals. They cost $110 to process and a $35 execution fee. Some regional passport agencies may accept cash or credit cards, so there is no need to order money.


All of the above must be presented in person unless you have authorized Texas Passport Center, a third-party agency to file your passport application for your behalf. Remember that most regional passport agencies require that you make an appointment before you arrive.


What should you do after you have received your Passport?


If everything goes smoothly and you get your passport by mail or in person, don’t rush to fly. There are still some things to do.


First, sign the information page using a pen and then write your address in pencil. Also, confirm that your passport information matches the one you used to make hotel and flight reservations. It is possible to have problems checking in if your name, expiration date, and number are different.


Also, ensure that any visas you hold reflect the information in your passport. While some countries will accept expired visas, others require that stamps be transferred to a consulate. If you are a U.S citizen who is living abroad, this can be done at the local immigration office.


Texas Passport Center is available to help you bring in documents for Passports


Do not underestimate the importance to apply for your passport before you travel. When traveling outside the United States, your passport book will be your only valid form of ID. Recognizing yourself as a U.S. citizen will help you not only at the border but also with local consulates and embassies.


The Real ID Act will take effect in 2020. Keep in mind that any state ID issued before then will no longer be valid for domestic travel. You can fly anywhere with a passport book or card.


Texas Passport Center is here to help you, whether you need a second passport or a first passport book. We can help you make sense of the application process so that you feel confident when you go on your trip.


Contact your local Texas Passport Center office if you have questions about the documents required for application of Emergency Passport in Houston.




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