What to Check First If Your Heater Is not Working


Regular maintenance of heaters will help control unexpected heating system failures and boost the unit’s lifespan. It will also enhance the efficiency and performance of your heating system. This does not mean that your heater will never fail. Your heater may stop working due to unforeseeable issues. You may feel inclined to call a professional if this happens. You should first identify the problem to determine if it can be fixed. Here are some things to do if your heater stops working.

Check the Fuel Tank

If you use an oil furnace or a propane heater to heat your home, make sure you check the fuel tank. You should request a refill if your heater stops working due to an empty fuel tank. However, if fuel is still in the tank, it could be a different problem.

Check Electrical Systems

A trip to the breaker can be caused by overloading the electrical system. A fuse can also blow out, meaning that the heater won’t work until the fuse and breaker are reset. To check if the heater is working, make sure you test both the fuse and the breaker. Also, make sure you check the thermostat setting. To see if the heater works, turn it up a bit. Make sure to check the main switch as well to make sure it is turned on.

Take a look at the Furnace

If the electrical systems work normally and the fuel tank is full, it is time to examine the furnace carefully. The problem could be an air filter. If the furnace is running but the cabinet is still warm, it might be an issue with the heating system. You will need to open the furnace and either clean or replace the filter. It is a temporary fix. You will still need to schedule a service for duct cleaning with our team to make sure your air supply system is clean and efficient.

Check out the Belt and Fan

A fan is used to circulate air in a central heating system. Heating air won’t be circulated into living spaces if the fan has failed or the belt connecting it to the motor is worn. This problem can be easily fixed. You will feel the heater run, but there will not be any hot air coming from the vents. This problem can be fixed by simply replacing the fan belt. If the fan motor is the problem, you may need to contact a professional HVAC company.

Winter temperatures can drop to minus ten degrees Fahrenheit very quickly, so you must act quickly. To keep warm, turn on an electric space heater.


These steps can be used to diagnose the problem with your heater if it goes out. If this is still not working, contact a reliable HVAC company immediately. Your heater must work as quickly as possible during winter. Make sure the company you call offers emergency heater repair services.

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