What to Select When Purchasing Restaurant Equipment Online?

Restaurant Equipment Online

You can save a lot of time by purchasing commercial kitchen equipment online. Online shopping permits you to compare all options from different vendors at once. Online shopping can save you money as you can compare features and prices to find the right fit. You need to consider these key points to make the best choice for your foodservice operation.

Let’s look at the most important things to remember when shopping for commercial kitchen equipment online.


Quality equipment for foodservice kitchens will last a lifetime and increase efficiency and uptime. Some brands and distributors offer high-quality equipment.

You would normally look at equipment for food service restaurants before buying, but online shopping does not permit this. You can determine the quality of the product by looking into the company’s reputation. You can check the reputation of the website by reading reviews and checking for a Better Business Bureau rating.

Buying Used or New Equipment

Using cooking equipment is a great way to save money. You should inspect the condition of any used equipment in your restaurant. It is usually reasonable to purchase used non-electrical or mechanical pieces such as prep stations. However, older electrical kitchen equipment can be more expensive to maintain and is more likely to fail. The cost of repairs could wipe out any savings made by purchasing used equipment. In general, new restaurant equipment will last longer than used equipment. New equipment often comes with a longer warranty.


Online shopping is a great way to find the lowest price. It’s critical to compare apples to apples when comparing quality. The best value is found at a good price and acceptable quality. Websites that offer discontinued models and scratch and dent units are a good option unless you have a pressing need.

Power Requirements

Before you start looking for new restaurant equipment in your building, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the utilities. You will need to know what power source your kitchen has to choose the right unit. Equipment powered by electricity will require that you meet voltage, phase, amp requirements. You will need to identify whether your equipment is powered by natural gas or propane.

Even for smaller equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the pieces align with your power source. Otherwise, you could be required to run an extension cable across your kitchen area. This can prove to be dangerous. You can avoid problems once the equipment arrives at your place. The power requirements for restaurant equipment should be listed. It is a huge risk to buy equipment without checking these details.


You should indicate the dimensions of equipment on the website you are looking at, as you won’t be able to measure it in person. You should also have access to the specifications or manuals that include detailed diagrams of equipment. Other important considerations are:

  • If the model has legs, casters, or handles that protrude beyond the frame,
  • The height and width of your doorway, along with the space where you intend to place the equipment are important.
  • Make sure you include the clearance space needed for ventilation and/or maintenance.
  • Installation is the responsibility of the buyer of used restaurant equipment. You should consider the cost of installation when making your final buying decision.

Privacy and Support

You can check other resources or look for an SSL certificate to ensure that the website you’re searching is secure. Avoid large companies that have had their website vulnerabilities exposed in the past. You can check the customer privacy policies to see if that particular operation is dedicated to protecting your data.

Live customer service is another feature you should look for. You can call or email for assistance if you have any questions. It is important to feel confident that all your questions and problems will be addressed. You should look for a company with live, professional customer service so that you can get all of your questions answered.


However, certain items exceeding certain weight and size restrictions must be sent through a common carrier. These limitations will be communicated to you during the shipping process. However, it is important to remember that equipment shipped by a common carrier may have additional obstacles. If you don’t have access to a loading dock, you might need a lift-gate service to lower the item from the truck container. A “white glove” delivery service is another option. This delivery method allows you to have trained movers bring your equipment into your business and then unpack it.

Final Thoughts

It’s likely that you’ll find the process seamless if you keep these things in mind when searching for restaurant equipment online. You have unlimited options when searching online for equipment, large or small. We at restaurant supply store tulsa have all the types of new and used commercial restaurant equipment. We also conduct online auctions so you can make purchases from there also.

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