What Type of Industries Are Using Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing

Industrial sewing has many applications that go beyond clothes and uniforms. Industrial fabrics can be used in many ways that are not immediately obvious.

We have provided custom sew-based solutions to clients in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical, and beyond. We would like to share some of our solutions below and show you how useful industrial sewing can be.


The Cargo Bags are weather resistant and have laminated coatings. They can be used in any environment, including transport. These custom-sewn bags must be strong, durable, efficient, functional, and able to withstand the rigorous use they will see.


Large industrial machinery and precision equipment are sensitive to dust, moisture, and other environmental damaging factors during shipping and storage.

Although there are many metal containers and spray-on coats that offer some protection, they are often costly and difficult to apply. Industrial sewing applications are able to provide an alternative that is neither expensive nor difficult.

The container is made from plastic barrier materials. This container uses bagged desiccant such as silica gel, nitrogen flush or dynamic dehumidification in order to protect industrial machinery. It can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.


Industrial sewing solutions and fabrics are very popular in the medical industry. There was high demand during the height of the pandemic for isolation rooms. These rooms were made of transparent PVC or TPU covers that protected both patients and healthcare workers.

The cushions are made with styrofoam beads that conform to the body of patients to help stabilize them during procedures such as MRIs or CAT scans. The valve allows for vacuum sealing prior to shipment and testing.


It is difficult to transport cargo and equipment into outer space. This requires packing material that can withstand multiple passes through the atmosphere. Space travel is intense and can strain any container.

Ther bags combine industrial fabrics with other industrial-strength materials to provide NASA with lightweight, strong and economical solutions.


Industrial sewing solutions that can be used for commercial purposes. These could be as diverse as your imagination will allow.

When boating, or engaging in activities on large bodies of water, life vests are essential. Vests must be lightweight and durable but also function as intended. A safety device that fails to work when it is most needed has no value.

The life vests are made from the most durable industrial fabrics, yet they can be worn and operated easily. Contact us if you are interested in industrial sewing solutions for your needs.

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